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Plants from Cain's Bridal Wreath make a long lasting and affordable gift for any occasion. We have a wide selection of all types of plants including house, tropical and indoor plants. We can even deliver your plants to Plymouth, WI or nationwide


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C32-2996S Fruits & Flowers
Hughes Chocolates - Assorted
Red Poinsettia 6
T105-2A Simply Elegant Spathiphyllum Medium
T106-1A Emerald Garden Basket
C25-2956S Spathiphyllum and Dieffenbachia
C25-4173S Under the Vine
C26-2943S French Garden
C26-3559S African Violets
C27-2961S Pink Assortment
C27-4047S Garden of Grace
C28-3782S A Bit of Sunshine
C28-4172S Kalanchoe & Ivy Plant
C29-2960S White Assortment Basket
C29-4176S Croton Plant
C30-2965S Spathiphyllum
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